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 +======= monitor gmirror from NRPE / cron for FreeBSD =======
 +I wrote this little check-script for nrpe/nagios to get the status of various gmirror volumes in a box, and output the failed volumes if any such exist.
 +===== Syntax =====
 +''​$path/​check_gmirror.sh [email] [email]''​
 +If no arguments are specified, the script will assume its run for NRPE.
 +If one or more email addresses are specified, the script will send an email in case an array reports an error.
 +===== Output =====
 +''​gm3:​ DEGRADED / gm0: rebuilding / gm2: ok / gm1: ok''​
 +Failed/​rebuilding volumes will always be first in the output string, to help diagnose the problem when recieving the output via pager/sms.
 +==== Output Examples ====
 +^ output ^ description ^
 +| ok |The device is reported as ok by the smart array controller |
 +| DEGRADED |The RAID volume is degraded, it's still working but without the safety of RAID, and in some cases with severe performance loss. |
 +| rebuilding | The RAID is rebuilding, will return to OK when done |
 +| starting | The geom device is currently starting, you shouldn'​t see this and will return an unknown code to nagios |
 +| unknown state | Volume is in an unknown state. Please report this to me (soren at klintrup.dk) so I can update the script
 +include the following output. ''​gmirror status'',​ ''​gmirror list''​ |
 +===== Compability =====
 +The script should work on any <​nowiki>​FreeBSD</​nowiki>​ platform until gmirror changes input/​output syntax, I have tested the script on the following platforms
 +  * <​nowiki>​FreeBSD 6.2</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​FreeBSD 6.3</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​FreeBSD 7.0(amd64)</​nowiki>​
 +  * <​nowiki>​FreeBSD 8.0(amd64)</​nowiki>​
 +===== Download ===== 
 +==== Latest version====
 +Latest version 1.1
 +==== Old version ====
 +{{files:​gmirror:​check_gmirror-1.0.1.sh|1.0.1}} {{files:​gmirror:​check_gmirror-1.0.sh|1.0}}
 +===== Changelog =====
 +=== 1.1 ===
 +       o Can now email an address of choice, just use email address(es) as arguments to shellscript
 +       o check if gmirror command exists on system before running script
 +=== 1.0.1 ===
 +       o small fixes to comments
 +         ​thanks to jmp for noticing
 +=== 1.0 ===
 +       o Initial public release
 +         Based on my check_gmirror.sh script.
 +         NOTE: This was made on request from a friend, has not been thorougly tested, your mileage may vary.